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At Big River Trophies we offer highly managed ranch hunts for trophy elk and whitetail deer with other hunts available.

We will guarentee you an opportunity to take a trophy.

If by any fault of ours your hunt is not successful you will be allowed to extend your stay free of charge until you bag your trophy or you will be invited back at a later day at no additional fees.

Hunting Season

Our hunting season starts September 1st, 2014 and ends November 14th, 2014. Hunters will arrive in camp Monday after 3:00pm, hunt Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and depart camp Friday before noon.

Hunting Methods

Because of the bushy terrain the majority of our hunts will be from heated blinds. Rifle, Muzzleloader, and bows are all welcome.

Recommended Gear

-Big River Trophies requires you to use a rifle of at least .24 calibre or larger for the whitetail and .27 calibre or larger for the elk. We have rifles available for rent for $100/week.
-Bow hunters bring at least 6 arrows
-Depending on the time of the year you are hunting in temperatures that can range from -25°F to 75°F with possible rain in September

Guns and Regulations

The Canadian Federal Government requires non-resident hunters to purchase a permit to bring firearms into Canada. The permit costs $25.00 CDN. You can put three firearms on one permit. It is recommended to fill out the permit form in advance by downloading it by visiting the Canadian Firearms Centre website or by calling 1-800-731-4000.
Canada Customs can be reached at 1-204-983-3500.